About my site and me

This blog is just a way to collect thoughts and discoveries regarding my use of Free Software, Mathematics (it also includes some personal notes, of course). Some of the content here will be related to TeX (and siblings) and some will be related to me hacking on some piece of software.

This site is an excellent opportunity to "vent" some opinions. Some, quite controversial. Sometimes, only observations. Things that I've learned about Mathematics (and I hope to be "somebody" before I die). Short or cool proofs that I discovered and that I wanted to publish (even though they may be well-known by the entire mathematical community).

Rearding me, I am an Instructor of Computer Science at "Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie", São Paulo, Brazil. Currently, I am on absence for health treatment. I am also a Debian Maintainer and I am highly interested in Free Software, with Debian-based systems being my primary interest.

Me on the "interwebs"

I have what one could call a "sizeable web presence". Please, do note that I have quite a few homonyms, but if you search for my complete name, then I only know of me. That being said, you can find me in many places, including:

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