The nice thing today is that I have slept for 14 hours. I needed that. And I still need yet another dose of it.

It stinks to see that broadbrand providers don't know their shit, when one asks them for it. When I asked them for some not so standard technical details, the support got all confused (all of a sudden the line becomes silent). Anyway, I could understand that they don't provide me with a fixed IP (but what do they use? DHCP? PPP-over-Ethernet?). I've sent them an e-mail. I know that I'll receive a "canned" answer.

Reiserfs 3.5.25 is released and now I can upgrade my kernel to 2.2.17 with reiserfs and André's patch.

I've been listening to Vivaldi all day long today. Talking about music, I want to order Agalloch's "Pale Folklore" from The End Record's on-line form, but it seems that their shopping cart doesn't get anything included when I select the album (am I using it correctly?).

A new Gnapster is released and now I can connect to the main Napster server again. Woohoo.

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