An unusual day. First things first, I had the news that one of my favourite sites, Slashdot was cracked (not hacked) by some guys from Netherlands. According to the reports from Slashdot themselves, it was their careless setting that allowed that and that they've now learned the lesson and secured their boxes. The sad state of computer security. Or security in general.

I don't know what happened to my mind, but I cleaned my car. Hell's temperature must be getting lower now.

Then I had to return a Celeron 400MHz that I was using to a place where I occasionally work. It was my guinea pig and I used it to test Debian's woody and, when I felt brave, Linux 2.4 pre-releases. Now, I put my good, old, trustworthy 486 DX/2 66 back to use. It only has 8MB of RAM and a 120MB HD that is not sufficient for demanding applications people use nowadays, but I made a minimal install of Debian's slink and upgraded it to potato (only 50 megs!), together with a custom compiled kernel. Soon it will have 2 NICs and I'll use it as my router/firewall for an ADSL connection (after Slashdot's fate, I'm willing to put a lot of effort in the "firewall" part of it).

I took the time to see what loads it could handle and I'm more or less satisfied with the results I got. I used it to transfer a 50MB file to my Pentium MMX via publicfile many times and it sustained 550KB/s. While I suspect it will not handle the situation so gracefully with 2 NICs, it seemed to me that the real bottleneck for higher speeds was the disk task, which as a router is close to zero.

All this means that I have no idea what I can expect from it. Oh, well.

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