After a long time without updates, I'm now back to "work". Steve Vai is making some concerts here in São Paulo, but unfortunately, I didn't attend it (the tickets' prices were a bit on the steep side) and as I've just bought myself a new new computer (woohoo), I'm saving a bit of money.

My new machine is a virgin AMD Duron 600MHz, with an Asus A7V motherboard (which, among other things, includes an UDMA/100 controller, FSB frequency controls and multiplier control), 128MB of SDRAM/PC133, a great Matrox G400 card (monohead) with 16MB of SGRAM and a Samsung HD of 40GB.

I'm actually quite excited and aside from some problems that I had with a defective Matrox (that I've now returned), it's working wonderfully. It's so good that it even runs Mozilla quite fast! I can't wait for KDE 2.0.1 to be released on Monday (Dec 4th) so that I can try the latest incarnation of Konqueror.

BTW, OpenBSD 2.8 was released today and I've already downloaded a copy and burned onto CD. I think that I've made everything right to get a bootable CD, but the CD that I've made is only able to boot in my new computer. Strange.

And speaking of BSD, I also have FreeBSD 4.2-RELEASE downloaded and burned. In fact, I think that I'm spending way too much time with this Internet thing (I downloaded FreeBSD the very same day it was released -- that's Nov 21st).

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