I'm now mirroring both a repository of Debian KDE packages for potato and Helix Gnome for Debian with rsync. It's way better than mirroring with wget, that's for sure.

I was expecting to go to the movies today, but due to some (ahem) "technical problems", I wasn't able to go. And this made me quite sad, but that's not actually a problem. Perhaps next week.

Repackaged LAME 3.87beta for Debian/potato and it is lintian-clean (!). So far, it seems to be good and I think that I'll post a message to debian-mentors asking what could be improved. In fact, the only thing that I don't like in my package is the fact that I've hardcoded a Build-Depends: libncurses5-dev line in the control file. That's not quite right, IMO, and I'll learn how to change it soon.

My next step is to package DJB's utilities qmail, ucspi-tcp, serialmail and checkpassword. The former seems to be quite involved, but the latters seem to be trivial enough to package in one afternoon only (am I optimistic or what?) and then I'll be able to switch to my brand new computer (MICROS\~1 free) with Debian 2.2 + KDE 2.2 + my local packages (I still won't have XFree86 4.0.1 and all its nifty features, since I'll be waiting for a version of it to be compiled for potato; using woody is scary).

Another package that I may be interested in packaging is a ftpparse-ified version of wget (for mirroring publicfile repositories).

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