Didn't do many important things today, besides making a brand new installation of Debian's sid/unstable to see how things were going with the bleeding edge. It turned out to be better than I expected (I had some problems experiencing unstable before, so I was scared).

Some of the nicest things are that it features XFree86 4.0.2 (with the RENDER extension, since I have a Matrox G400) and that, coupled with KDE 2.1/qt 2.3.0, makes it possible to use antialised fonts, which make one's surfing experience much more pleasing, for instance. If you are on the same boat, don't forget to visit Keith Packard's homepage, as it features a handy XftConfig file. The only lowpoint of KDE with antialiasing is that if AA is enabled, then you loose non-scalable fonts with KDE applications, which means that you can't make konsole use a 10x20 fixed font anymore.

BTW, talking about KDE, KDE 2.1 allows one to use Windowmaker Dock Applications, and this is a very welcome thing as I love wmifs. The more I use KDE, the more I'm impressed with it, in many respects.

Managed also to find some sites explaining Androgenetic Alopecia and which are potential treatments for it. Frankly, I'd love to not have to surf these sites... And keeping with the surfing thing, found a remarkable program called vtun, for setting up encrypted TCP/IP tunnels. Handy for WANs.

And I'm keeping reading about Multiple Sequence Alignment, which is getting more exciting day after day.

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