It's been a long time since I last updated my diary. Let's see if I can get things up to date (and let me see if I can keep me organized and productive).

Today, the day started quite a bit messy: my computer, for some reason, didn't want to turn on. It was beeping with my monitor telling me to check the signal cable. "Humm... Time to buy another graphics card" (and just the thought of having to choose from among one less manufacturer of video cards scared me). I checked my mainboard manual and it confirmed that the beeps I heard were indeed problems with my graphics card (it's obvious that I didn't want to believe the unfortunate situation of buying another card).

Having to use my computer anyway, I just removed my card from its slot, and installed it again. Luckily, things started working again. Whew! That was close! Anyway, I'm now watching this card closely. Very closely.

Learned how to set up cookies with CGI scripts. Found out about an site with recipes (for cooking) while having my daily dose of

Perhaps due to lousy system administrators, Iname/ is not delivering my e-mails. AGAIN. Enough.

BTW, I have to finish a take home exam on Approximation Algorithms.

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