Oh, what a day! I was so tired that I woke up at (almost) 5pm. And, surprise: no light. Yes, a power outage. Anyway, my parents weren't at home and I found a note that mom left on my computer's keyboard telling me that they were shopping around. Then, I discovered two new boxes at home: a brand new TV set and a new VCR. The first time in 5 or 6 months that would be able to see my amazing tape of Opeth playing at Milwaukee Metalfest. Woohoo.

But without power, my main concern was to be able to see anything before the day became too dark. After half an hour (or was it an hour?) trying to find some candles and fire, my parents arrived and two hours later, I was watching "As Good As It Gets". Cool movie, BTW. Excellent acting of both Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson (mom told me that I act like him most of the time -- is that compliment?).

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