Busy day. Woke up as soon as possible to see my advisor and decide the furture of my Master's degree. Then, at almost 4pm, had a ridicule lunch, met my girlfriend and went to a shopping mall with her. While I was there, I was attacked by the capitalist bug and had to buy me something. I was looking for some O'Reilly books, but they were way too expensive (I was expecting to get a Perl book or Learning Python, but decided not to).

I talked to the salesman and asked if he had Damian Conway's Object Oriented Perl, but he told me "the printing was cancelled". I told him that Manning Publications wasn't told about that and got some garbage as a response that I didn't even make an effort to save in any part of my brain.

Since I had the mission to buy myself something, I got me Blind Guardian's "Nightfall in Middle Earth". Wonderful.

To finish my day, I went to my uncle's store and got another SCSI HD for the Powermac, but it was also defective. But now I'm a lot more confident that the problem isn't with the mac itself, but with the HDs (the mac would boot with the HD attached and see it while in MacOS 8, but trying to install it on the HD evidenced that the head was hitting the platters -- tomorrow I'll be getting another SCSI HD). Let me cross my fingers. If I actually install Linux on it, I'll grab BenH's 2.4.6 Linux and get "my" mac a fresh kernel.

Oh, NetBSD 1.5.1 is released. I still can't get ISO images, though.

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