Ok, I know I messed up. My girlfriend told me that we were in July, not June. What a shame! Anyway, I've corrected my diary entries and got things straight (I think). I guess that the problem was that both months start with a "J".

Now, to the next (and final?) chapter on the mac: I returned it to my uncle and set up the other mac on his store just to see if I could get Debian installed. Well, I kind of could: I got the bootfloppies installed in 1GB HD and was very surprised to see an almost entire setup with the network. Amazing. I'm almost without words: just grab 4 FDs and install a whole operating system in your machine with them. Debian definitely keeps its lead over other distributions this way.

Well, enough ads. I could get almost everything installed, but the HD died (for good?) soon after the packages were being extracted onto the new filesystem. I tried the other (4GB) HD, but it wasn't being seen by mac-fdisk for an unknown reason (despite it being recognized during the SCSI bus scan and the partition check).

Well, I guess that I can consider this as my first installation of Linux on a PowerPC architecture, which could not be concluded only because the hardware didn't help, but both the operator (that's me! ) and the software were right.

Watched "Monty Python's Life of Brian" after that. Sent both my VCR and TV set to the technician. For some strange reason, both Konqueror and Opera are not rendering this page justified, while Netscape 4.77, Mozilla 0.9.2 and Internet Explorer are.

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