Lots of things going on. I'm now even more sure that I do want one of those new and sweet iBooks. They are so sweet, come with a long-lasting battery, have a 1024x768 res LCD, a Firewire port, a 10/100 Ethernet port, a reasonably big HD and an ATI card. In my opinion, it's only drawback: it doesn't have a PCMCIA slot.

As an added bonus, what could be cooler than Apple now selling its new Operating System as the "World's Most Advanced Operating System", when, in fact, it is a Unix under the hood?

And it runs Linux! Not only that, but if I ever get tired of Linux and want MacOS X, I can have it with the power of Debian.

But well, there is another drawback. Nothing can be perfect. Of course. These things are so damn expensive here in my country, mostly due to the absurd exchange rates and to the huge taxes. Anything that isn't obtained with the welcome, kind help of the "gray markets" is so damn expensive (to the point of quickly becoming intangible). Which means that I'll probably not have one iBook unless I go travel and come back with one.

Learned a bit more about Perl. Became a bit scared with the amound of things it does at run-time. Isn't there a switch for the compiler/optimizer to tell it: "perform only what I tell you and optimize the hell out of this code"?

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