Well, some progress on the PPC front. I've just configured the PMac to use the imstt driver instead of the fbdev. Due to this, the X server is now much faster. In fact, the whole computer is much faster. Before, it spent a lot of processing power just to update the screen. Since it is not exactly the most powerful computer in the world, those few moments indeed were important.

It is very fast and now it is almost able to play AVI files with MPlayer. Almost.

This Mac is now very usable and I'd even dare to say that it would be a good workstation, were it not that outdated (well, if one could find replacement hardware for it easily...)

I think that'll end summarizing all the "Mac Journey" in a homepage to save future souls enduring the problems that I've experienced (kernel configuration file, XF86Config file etc). It seems that Linux running on PPC is indeed a quite nice alternative to paying huge prices just for being able to run MacOS 9.

Also installed the superb Liquid Theme for KDE2. It's amazingly beautiful and quite fast, despite all the eye-candy. It makes your Linux desktop seem like you are running Apple's MacOS X's Acqua.

On the down side of things, I guess that I'm just encountering many aspects of Perl that I don't like. It's saddening that I've spent so much time and money (buying books) for something that I'm not really enjoying (but it's ok).

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