Typed the remaining bits of the first lecture on the Theory of Matroids.

Read about how one makes a bootable CD for Newworlds with mkisofs: apparently, the needed things are the following:

  • create a folder with yaboot, yaboot.conf, vmlinux, root.bin. I'm not sure if boot-floppy-hfs.img and ofboot.b are necessary. I also don't have an idea of how OpenFirmware knows that it is supposed to load yaboot during the boot;

  • mkisofs -hfs -map <file\> -part -hfs-bless <folder\> -r -o <isoimage.iso\> <root-of-cd\>

Sent an e-mail to the bastards at Linux Journal, complaining that I'm not receiving my issues as I should (and my subscription is far from being expired).

Discovered that Apple Brasil is selling iBooks in a promotion for education users. Damn!

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