How can life change so quickly from bad to good? Amazing, ain't it? Had a great time at my SO's place. It was nice to see her get happier, which made me happier.

It was nice to talk to my advisor and see that he (mostly) likes my work. Oh, how I needed those positive, encouraging comments from him.

Found Dream Theater's bootleg at Beacon, with the full version of "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence", on my usual FTP server. New music. Good.

Now, KDE 3.0 is finally launched. It looks so amazing that I can't believe my eyes (err, the screenshots). A big plus for me is the built-in support for WebDAV, which is used by Apple's iTools' iDisk.

In other news, it seems that Megadeth is no more. Quite sad, as I like(d) them.

And OpenOffice 641d, the last version before the 1.0 release, is already available for PPC/Linux. By the way, OpenOffice is a Free and free alternative for Microsoft's Office. It is also available for Microsoft Windows.

And a new version of Blackdown's Java is available for Linux, including PPC.

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