Wow, so many things going in software-land that if I don't write about soon, I'll probably forget.

The best thing, of course, is that Woody is set to a (tentative) release on May, 1st. This is amazing!

Also, newer versions of the following programs are available: Python 2.2.1, Opera for i386 6.0beta2, Mozilla 1.0RC1, MacOS X 10.1.4, Internet Explorer for MacOS 5.1.4, Fink 4.0, lame 3.92, Chimera 0.2.0, woody's netinst images 20020416, vlc 0.3.0. And I still haven't tried KDE 3.0, Yellowdoglinux 2.2 and XFree86 4.2.0, to name a few (big) new releases. And that's not all: soon there will be newer versions of xine, mplayer, ffmpeg, and kaffe!

So much (new) software, so little time!

And then, somewhere, a Microsoft's spoke-person said something like "the open source people don't know how many things we have done in Windows-land". Well, of course, MacOS X, Internet Explorer and Opera aren't exactly open source. But the amount of new software just released (or in the process of being released) is just so damned huge. I guess, if he only knew (or didn't pretend he didn't know) what the open source community did in the past days, he would be ashamed of his comments. But then, again, it isn't uncommon for people driven by money being, ahem, how can I say, "dishonest".

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