It's been quite a while since I last updated my diary. Many things preventing me from updating it, which is good (well, at least part of the things are good).

Been working towards finishing my M.Sc. degree. It seems that the end never comes!

I've also been using MacOS X (Jaguar) a lot lately. In some ways, it is a nice operating system. But the lack of a real package management system is a bad thing. I think that I've been spoiled by Debian's incredible (and clean) service. Unfortunately, Fink isn't as good as Debian. And there are quite few programs in binary form from Fink. And they don't have a menu system like Debian's menu. And they don't even have Windowmaker available! And AUCTeX. etc

Saw that Limewire is uploaded to Debian's incoming repository, which is cool. Also discovered this muttprint package, which sounds promising. Packaged for Debian also, of course.

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