It's been quite a long time since I last wrote anything here. In the mean time, orkut has changed my life (for the worse) and it seems that I'm now "up for adoption" again. Maybe Oz isn't that far away. Or maybe it is. I still don't know. The last missing piece (the Test of English as a Foreign Language) was completed and the only problem now is the competition for scholarships.

In the mean time, I packaged PPower4, which works perfectly now with all the Free JVMs in Debian's testing, which means that one can depend on even less non-free software.

In fact, the very reason that Free JVMs entered testing were the reason for me to pick up Java. It seems to be a nice language and the fact that it doesn't present a problem to Free Software makes it a plausible addition in my book.

I also patched iTunes 4.7 to work with iPod Download. The hard-coded blacklist that Apple put in iTunes isn't nice.

Ubuntu Linux, on the contrary is nice. Also nice is the fact that algorithms is now Free (and soon will be back into teTeX, which is what ships with Debian). I am happy, because this means that my local home directory will get a tiny bit smaller, with less cruft. And The Global Operating System even more powerful.

And faac's package made by Christian Marillat now works with the MP4 wrapper, which means that now I can use grip with AAC files for iPod and use its space in a slighlyt more efficient manner (well, at least I hope so).

Oh, BTW, I hate daylight savings time and it seems that now I'm back in love with Elementary Number Theory. If only Elementary Number Theory liked me...

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