Had the pleasant experience of watching "Constantine". The comparisons with "The Exorcist" are obvious here, even though this one is a nice movie. BTW, it seems that after the Matrix series, Keanu Reeves is doomed to Sci-Fi movies with lots of special effects. It's not a bad thing, nor a good thing. Just an observation.

Trivia: It was a pleasant surprise to see (humm, hear actually) that David Brubeck's Quarted "Take Five" was on the soundtrack. Oh, and they insist on putting a PowerBook on the movie. That is simply tempting. This is not the first movie that I see where something made by Apple appears on the big screen.

Of course, going to the supermarket after the movie was also quite nice, if you know what I mean. And the pleasant company was also highly appreciated. It couldn't be much better that this (really).

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