Happy Easter for those who celebrate it! And it's all about chocolate eggs. I love that (even though I have been limiting my consumption of chocolate to a manageable minimum).

And I should say (once more) that I hate preparing tests. But one thing that I hate more than preparing tests is scoring them, especially when students make some confusing solutions that partially solve the problem, but takes you almost an hour to notice that! And that's just for one question...

Downloading huge quantities of new material, thanks to easytree.org's torrents. Many Opeth and Porcupine Tree bootlegs, including videos. Oh, and some old-school Metallica. I'm also seeding many torrents (right now, five).

Well, since news.individual.net is going to be paid starting from April 1st, I was checking if my damned ISP provides news. That's not because I don't want to pay news.individual.net, but rather because I felt that I shouldn't be using an external news server, since I am already paying for Internet access and, IMNSHO, Usenet is one of the basic services that every provider has to provide.

Well, I am sincerely considering going to sign up with their competitor, which has a huge amount of groups in their service, including those that I want to read (i.e., comp.theory, comp.text.tex, comp.emacs, and sci.math).

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