After installing the NewerTech G3 upgrade card into the PowerMac 9500/180MP, I had some problems, when I tried to install Debian.

None of the sarge floppies would work and I eventually decided to get rid of any traces of MacOS and installed using the woody floppies. The problem is that the kernel 2.2.20 that comes with woody ins't able to see both PCI buses, especially the one where the video card is sitting on. I had to grab a kernel from testing's repository, but I don't like distribution kernels, for they are way too bloated.

Note to self: when replacing the zImage on the HFS boot floppy, one has to use the vmlinux image compressed with gzip, like this:

gzip -9 vmlinux
hmount /dev/fd0
hcopy vmlinux.gz :zImage
humount /dev/fd0

No other image that I tried worked. But it was nice to (re)-discover how one makes a boot floppy for an OldWorld Mac.

P.S.: Today, Apple announced the next upgrade of MacOS X, code named "Tiger".

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