I think that I have fallen in love with Floor Jansen. Or would that be Sharon den Adel? Or would that be Anneke van Giersbergen? Or would that be Liv Kristine? Or Tarja Turunen? I sincerely don't know.

In other news, the floppy drive of my Desktop has decided to be deceased, unfortunately. I "fixed" the problem by cannibalizing my old 486 and getting its floopy drive to serve as a substitute. Worked like a charm! It is a pain to have to open both machines and to get the hands dirty, but at least, it seems that I am not a Computer Scientist that doesn't even know how to fix his own boxes.

Oh, I wrote a little bit more regarding the Linux course that I will teach at my local University. The program is getting huge and I will probably be covering things that are not very well documented (yes, I'll have to study such topics), but it will be rewarding for the students (and among such "students" of mine I will have many co-workers!).

My plan is to make such a course be sufficient for certification purposes of those that will be taking it. Of course, with a twist and a high dose of Unix philosophy (which is good anyway, for everybody).

Oh, and Debian never ceases to amaze me! I have just discovered a very handy packaged called freepops that lets me download my mail from my old account at mail.com via pop3. Quite nice to be able to use that address again. And also as a bonus, it also acts as a front-end for mail.yahoo.com, which means that I am again able to read my mail there (again via pop3). So nice that I can't even describe how happy I am.

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