Today I bought some books at Pearson Education. They were not that cheap, but I think that some of their content is worth the amount spent. During the time I was there, BTW, I met 8 colleagues (at least, that I could count). So much for coincidence. :-)

After that, I went to Santa Ifigênia to get myself an used Duron 1.3GHz processor (actually, I went there to get conductive ink so that I could overclock my Duron 600MHz processor). Unfortunately, I can't make it work with anything higher than 1.1GHz on my motherboard (an old classic Asus A7V). Bummer.

Spent the whole day trying to make my system work as it always did. I now suspect that I need some RAM, but I am not forking the cash for PC133 modules right now (my budget is now tight).

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