Feelling extremely bad today. I have an enormous headache. I think that I will work a little bit on algorithms, but I don't know if I will be able to commit anything today. I can't really concentrate and I don't want to release something that I am not proud of.

I have, BTW, been swamped by e-mail. Please, stop the madness! I can understand why Donald Knuth quit this 15 years ago. I understand that he must be a happier man without Internet annoying him (especially since he is such a precious celebrity).

The funnier thing is that people rarely realize how they are doing things backwards today: they are working more for the computer than the computer is working for them. They don't care about things being automated, which is one thing where computers shine at.

In fact, I think that such things are the way they are due to the ignorance of the potential of a computer. Indeed, there are tasks that a computer can't embrace (the halting problem, the tiling problem etc already told us this), but for other mundane things, computers are useful. Just not the way people seem to be using them.

And this, BTW, includes people with high education (like many Ph.D.'s that I know): they simply don't make their life easier. One example of this in action: using LaTeX is a way of producing high-quality documents. But some people that are actually convinced that LaTeX is the way to go rarely take the time to use this tool in all its usefulness. What a pity!

Whenever I see people doing wrong things, I tell them a better way. Very few seem to understand that, but others don't.

In other news, Linus released a new kernel, 2.6.12.

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