I have discovered that while Linus' 2.6.12 kernel seems OK with my IDE HD in the Firewire enclosure, both of Andrew Morton's -mm1 and -mm2 trees are broken regarding the device. I posted to the lkml and got some nice responses. That's one of the reasons why Open Source Software is good: you can actually get in touch with people responsible for fixing things without "the middle man".

Have been chaotically reading about Java, since I am excited by all the progress that the Free Software Implementations of Java have shown recently. It seems that the major milestone now is to improve the GNU Classpath project. Every other JVM would benefit from a bigger implementation of the Java API from GNU Classpath, if I understand things correctly.

When I said that I was chaotically reading about Java, I meant the first edition of James Gosling's book (that's the only one that I have here). Unfortunately, the translation that I have is so full of atrocious errors that it is a disservice to an otherwise fine book (even if somewhat outdated).

Oh, and by chaotically reading things, I also meant reading about how Subversion 1.1 works, so that I can better manage algorithms.

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