Mom's birthday. And a nice opportunity to see some relatives here. Quite nice to have all them together. And it wasn't free of surprising things. Something that once would be attached to geeks was actually the subject of conversations for a moment: the use of Internet.

In some sense, I feel that being the pioneer of the family to have used Internet was interesting. But, then, motivated by the recent surgery that I "survived", made me see things in a quite different fashion: using the Internet and computers like there's no tomorrow is a pure waste of time.

I think that the Internet is slowly turning into the new TV. There are obvious differences, because you are in command of (some) things, but, to be honest, I am not exactly sure that people are that much in control as they think that they are.

In other news, I have started playing with Java's multithreaded abilities. A nice way to play with them, but the book that I have here requires a lot of patience on my part: it is a translation of "The Java Programming Language", 1st edition. The catch is that the stupid person that translated it also translated commands of the language and names of classes! Is this a contest of foolness or what?

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