So, I have finally gotten some free time for my own projects! Wow! It was a quite hectic semester this one. Fortunately, it's over now.

As previously hinted, I have now started (slowly) learling German, thanks to Deutsche Welle (and to a hint given by student of mine; thanks Victor).

Changing the subject completely, creating DVDs under Linux is really, really simple, given the proper tools. Right now, I'm using the following (quite simple) script to generate the material that is later processed by dvdauthor:


# Chamada: <video_in> <video_out>

# video encoding
[ -e stream.yuv ] || mkfifo stream.yuv
mplayer -noframedrop -vo yuv4mpeg -ao pcm $1 &

yuvdenoise -v 0 -r 16 -l 4 < stream.yuv | \
    yuvscaler -v 0 -n n -M BICUBIC -O VCD | \
    mpeg2enc -v 0 -f 8 -b 6000 -K kvcd -g 6 -G 18 -N 1.0 -V 500 -n n -F 4 -a 2 -q 2 -4 1 -2 1 -D 10 -B 160 -o $2.mpv

# audio encoding
toolame -t 2 -b 160 -v -5 audiodump.wav $2.mpa

# multiplexing
mplex -o !!mathjaxbegin-i!! Mi5tcGcgLWYgOCAtViA=

!!mathjaxend-i!!2.mpv $2.mpa

# clean-up
rm -f audiodump.wav *.mpv *.mpa stream.yuv
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