I've been (re-)discovering multimedia and all its wonders. It all started with me seeing how Apple's Front Row application works. Ok, so I am behind the times. I'm fine with that, but catching up. The world is changing sooooo fast that it is hard to keep up. Podcasts, wireless networks, media centers, digital video, digital (still) cameras, megapixels and the like.

Add to that the things that "need to be known" by a Computer Scientist/Mathematician-wannabe and we quickly arrive at the conclusion that the days are way too short with their current 24 hours.

It, unfortunately, sucks and the fact that Apple is now "changing gears" to support their Intel Core processors is a clear signal that their PowerPC line is dead and only waiting for its coffin to be burried.

What the solution to this problem is? Partially, to employ Open Source technology to leverage this to current standards, using hardware that is already employed. We can hardly, expect the new machines to outnumber the installed resources that we already have. And have to keep working.

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