During he past few days, I have been writing (in LaTeX, of course!) some (very) elementary notes on Elementary Number Theory, after starting to read the classic book "Introduction to Number Theory", by Hardy & Wright. The reasons for me taking such notes are threefold:

  • To know how much I retained of the content of my studies and to serve as a reference for future for facts that I will surely forget.
  • To provide a text that has a language different from the book, which, while quite good, uses old-fashioned terms (e.g., they use consistently the word "aggregate" for the word "set").
  • To provide both some algorithmic aspects of Elementary Number Theory that are usually not covered in similar texts (while there is quite a lot of room for the computational side of things) and to provide multiple proofs (where I know them) of theorems, which serve to illuminate the understanding of facts and see connections with other fields.

Today I got a phone call from a very dear friend of mine. I sent her flowers and chocolate as a birthday gift.

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