Upgraded my parent's computer from Ubuntu's Feisty (7.10) to Hardy (8.04). Now, some of the things that I'm used to when using Debian's sid are available on their computer.

Oh, I can't avoid to use this opportunity to complain once more about my ISP. If I weren't doing the upgrade really early in the morning, I wouldn't have success, as I am (right now), without signal from them. These outages are getting on my nerves.

In some math related news, I finally saw a proof of the intuitive fact the determinant of a 2x2 matrix is the signed area of the parallelogram with vectors given by the column vectors of the matrix.

Also, my D-Link G122 (I think that that's the model) doesn't work with the rt2500usb driver that ships with the distribution: I can see that iwconfig lists wlan0 as having wireless extensions, I can set the device, it can see the access point, I can enter the WEP key, but it doesn't seem to get a DHCP lease from the router. :-(

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