Didn't sleep too much today (2nd day in a row!), since I was watching one of the Dream Theater's official bootlegs, "When Dream and Day Reunite". (It was cold! in the morning).

But this was after I spent a very good amount of time Debian-packaging the upstream source code of LAME (to which I have CVS commit access). It now passes almost every lintian check, besides the fact that the config.sub and config.guess scripts have time-stamps in the year of 2003. But I am not changing that (yet).

Now I am using my own dog-food, instead of relying on Christian Marillat's precompiled versions of lame. And I even provided some compatibility/transitional packages, so that packages like his ffmpeg with the newer and nicest improvements of LAME (like fractional variable bitrate qualities).

This means, in particular, that I can use better MP3 sounding tracks for videos.

And the good news is that, according to Hydrogenaudio, there is finally a release of the lossy (but almost non-lossy!) compressor for audio streams, called lossyWAV. It surely seems quite promising.

Oh, and I finally discovered that the last show to which I went was a looong time ago: Monsters of Rock Festival, September 24 1998. I was there to see Dream Theater, Megadeth, and Slayer, but some of the people that were with me didn't like Slayer, unfortunately and they wanted to exit the venue after I negotiated that I was there to listen to, at least, "Raining Blood". Oh, Manowar was a joke. Hilarious. I don't know if they take themselves seriously or not, but they were ridiculous. This was the first time where I thought of writing a program with a stochastic grammar to generate lyrics for such stereotyped metal.

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