Gave a second talk to the group of "Error Correcting Codes". This time, I carried my S1MP3 player/recorder and recorded the talk. The nice thing is that LAME with libsndfile1 can read those files directly, without any kind of conversion first, which automates things quite a lot.

During the seminar, I talked about algorithm invariants, how to discover them, how close to mathematical induction they are, gave examples of some programs, described the bubble sort algorithm in our native/high level language, talked about its stability, talked about its invariant, talked about its time and space complexity, remarked that the algorithm works on any totally ordered set and, finally, to answer a question from the audience, talked about the limited precision of "integers" that we use on computers and multiprecision libraries used to hold values as large as we please.

Today was also dad's birthday! Hippie!

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