Just discovered that Opeth (or would it be Roadrunner Records?) has released a version of Watershed with extra tracks and with a DVD documentary. They have also released another special version that has Porcelain Heart played with Mellotron (which brings orgasms to all the progressive rock fans, like myself).

Also got my parents to sit in front of my old, trusty Duron-based dumont (in honor of Brazilian pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont). It is interesting to note that, while the Level 2 cache of the Duron system is small for a low-cost processor (in reference to its rival Celeron processor, that had a bigger Level 2 cache), it has a much bigger (128KiB) Level 1 cache than what I have in a Pentium D machine: only 16KB for each core (at least for data; that's what my dmesg says). Surprising to say the least. And this explains why AMD stood on the front of the race during the Athlon (Thunderbird) days.

Regarding other architectures (I have PowerPC in mind here), I'm not especially happy with them: my PowerPC G3 lacks vector instructions, which means that playing multimedia files (read: movies) is something painful. The problem is that I quite like the iBook's form factor and I have not yet seen anything that matches it yet. Comments are welcome here. Yes, it seems that I am not alone here, given all the frenziness about the surge of netbook computers, like the Eee PC.

And I setup my old sound gear on what is my main (desktop) computer. It is nice to have a good sound whenever I am working (well, whenever I am working lightly, as I need sound to be absent when I'm working hard).

I have, BTW, just found a superb autotools tutorial that starts with the egregious "Hello, World!" application. This is a perfect point for reading more advanced documents on this matter.

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