Updated my qmail Debian package to support the new source format of source packages, "3.0 (quilt)". It was a breeze to move to this new format and the support is already available in dpkg-source available on unstable. This was a very good learning exercise of the things to come, especially for ill-packaged programs from upstream, like hfsprogs, which I maintain.

I also checked the new things that my package needed to do to be compliant with the new Debian Policy (3.8.0). It is now in a very good shape, I'd say (except for the fact that I still think that I should use debconf for asking questions to the user, so that everything is cleaner).

Also read quite a good amount of nice things on debian-mentors, especially a discussion regarding PHP programs, and a discussion on adopting packages. I think that I may even adopt some dock applications for use with fluxbox.

Continued with my (slow) reading of "Advanced Unix Programming", even though the author likes to bash Linux and FreeBSD a lot and seems to like Darwin and Solaris. Anyway, read a bit on basic I/O manipulation via the file system calls like open, read, write, close. Interesting to see them being used to implement a mutex.

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