I also updated my package of avr_evtd (which is a daemon for controlling the Kuro Box. I moved from the standard diff.gz package to a quilt-based package.

To get things properly packaged, I followed the rules by the book and used /usr/share/quilt/quilt.make to make available the patch and unpatch targets for the makefile.

A very nice discussion on IRC on #debian-mentors clarified that, with the current templates of dh-make, we need to (thanks to Sune Vuorela for his helpful comments):

  • make the configure target depend on $(QUILT_STAMPFN).
  • make the clean target depend on unpatch.

The final "product" was uploaded to mentors and is available for sponsoring. And I intend to merge the modifications upstream (actually, refactor a lot of things and possibly become upstream).

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