Today was a very unusual day: it was quite active and I didn't have a day like today for a long time.

I had slept quite late, since I was waiting for Apple's Quicktime 7 Pro for Windows (on my girlfriend's computer) to finish the conversion of a video from one of Cynic's show from their reunion. It was a show that was webcast by the Norwegian company (if I'm not mistaken) and the show is superb (it was from 2007 and they even played a, then, unreleased song called "Evolutionary Sleeper").

The funny thing of it all is that even though we where using a x86-based machine (actually, a Duron 1.3GHz on a board with a SiS 730 chipset), which supported even SSE, things were quite slow. In fact, the show took 1 day and some hours to be completely "exported" in the iPod format.

Another thing that was noteworthy was that my GF had some CDs that she had burned and that contained some audio files from a course that she took some time ago. Since those classes are quite important and they interest me, I would like to listen to them. The "problem" is that they are in IMA ADPCM format which most car players don't play. The solution, in this case, will be to use lame with libsndfile1 as input and convert the files to the MP3 format, so that I can neatly tag the files and listen to them on my (and her) car player.

But this is only the beginning of the story, since two of her CDs were not readable on my iBook G3, dammit. I, then, took the time to download dvdisaster on her Windows computer (first, the stable version; then, the more feature-full development version) and I left the CDs being read. Unfortunately, it seems that even dvdisaster is having a hard time reading many sectors of the CD-RWs (and, yes, I did wash the discs with abundant water and used a very soft towel to get them dry).

Anyway, another thing that I've learned was that uTorrent is very featureful. Apparently, much more featureful than Transmission. I'd say that its features are on par with Azureus (even though I have not used Azureus for a loooong time, as it is Java-based and my machines don't have enough horsepower for programs that are not natively compiled).

I used the torrent to grab Ubuntu's jaunty alpha 3, so that I can experiment with things to come (and the new notification system that Mark has proposed. I actually liked it very much, but I am eager to see it working). The only catch is that my GF's connection is only 150kbps and things are very slow here, but I'm getting the image anyway.

When I woke up, I went to the proctologist. After that, I went to see a friend of mine from the high-school days, that is now a neuro-cirugeon, I had lost contact with him, but I sincerely hope to get back in touch frequently.

Later, I went with my GF to the bank where she has her account to see if he had some residual money from a nation-wide program called FGTS. She did have, but some documents were missing. The worker that received us told her that she could mail some of the missing documentation via e-mail and we scanned the necessary documentation, but the mails bounced. Bummer. At least, the trip to the bank wasn't completely useless, since I saw that I have some money on this FGTS thing and it was a surprise.

Latter, I went to the local theater and saw that professors are able to have a 50% discount on the entrance to see the movies, given that we prove that we are actually active. This is a very nice thing.

I also saw the price of a new, Classic 120GB iPod. It wasn't available on the store that I went to, but other store of the same name has some units. I guess that I should see one. I was only surprised to see that the 160GB model doesn't seem to be sold anymore. Any reason for that? That left me puzzled, honestly.

On the electronics store, I also saw a netbook from HP that was sweet. Soooo small, so cute. I guess that I need one. It has a very small form factor and it features a 1.2GHz VIA C7M processor. The only things that made the red alert lights blink for me were the Broadcom network interfaces: both wired and wireless, and Broadcom is know to not be exactly that helpful with the Free Software Movement.

After that, I went to get a haircut and my girlfriend told me that it was good. Nice.

Latter, before going to her place, we went to my home just for a little while so that I could see how the torrents for MIT's "The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Program" MPEG1 videos were going. Not good at all. Everything is stalled. I guess that I will need to use this uTorrent thing (at least, experiment with it) so that I can see if the downloads are slightly better.

I also did something unusual: scanned a 3x4 (centimeters, of course!) photo of mine (which is needed here in Brazil for quite a lot of documents) and collated it in 3 rows, in a way that I will have 9 pics. I will print two of them (and have 18 pictures) for R$0.69 each, which is not a bad deal. My girlfriend liked the idea and I will do the same thing for her, since she will need many photos for her id's.

After that, we got the vacuum cleaner to clean up her place (mostly the TV room) and I cleaned her fan (which was quite dusty).

Tomorrow, the day will be quite full and I will have a lot of things to do in this endless saga. I hope to write more about this hectic (but pleasant) week.

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