In the past few days, I did quite a good amount of things. One of the things that took most of my mind was to convert some videos in a proper format for the iPod. At first, I thought that the format of the videos would have to have an H.264 encoded video with resolution 320x240 (without using cabac, which increases the compression factor of the video) and audio in the AAC format with bitrates up to 160kbps.

Then, using Apple's Quicktime Pro 7, I exported a video from the Dutch band called After Forever, which had the resolution bigger than 320x240. This made me revisit Apple's site where the specifications of videos meant to be played on iPods. It seems that, now, with the latest firmware update, the iPod that I have can play H.264 videos encoded with resolutions up to 640x480 (the standard VGA resolution). Also, the bitrate doesn't need to be restricted to 768kbps: some of the videos produced by Quicktime (and which the iPods can play) have bitrates of up to 1500kbps.

This means that I can now encode some of my videos that are in the nasty WMV format to formats that can be supported in a decent manner by Free Software system. I have, for instance, the BBC-produced DVD called "The Codebreakers", whose audio is in pure DVD LPCM format (that is, uncompressed) and the space that it takes on my hard disk is considerable (approx. 1GB).

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