My girlfriend had some complications in her biopsy and I had to play the nurse role. Deinfecting the place and going with her to the medical service was the next step. Actually, she went to a vascular physician and to a general physician.

After she was medicated, we went to the bank and I was there to learn some things about the private social security system of Brazil, with two plans: VGBL and PGBL. They seem like a reasonable thing to use, but I fear that I will need the money in less time than what was told me that I have to keep it there for not having to pay a huge amount of taxes.

Oh, talking about taxes, I installed the Brazilian tax program, written in Java, since I don't have Windows. Surprisingly, it doesn't play well with openjdk-6-jre, which is quite amusing. Falling back to the non-free jre 5.0 did the job, but this makes me think that SERPRO (I think that this is the department responsible for writing the programs) didn't really grasp the meaning of "portability": they are only delivering binaries for Linux x86. No amd64, powerpc and other architectures. What a shame.

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