I went to one of the best things that I ever experienced in my whole life: my favorite band's show here in São Paulo. Actually, the fact that it was just so close here only made this a bit more special.

Getting the tickets wasn't that easy, if only for the simple fact that the vendors only took cash and no other form of payment (read: "no credit cards, no debit cards"). Anyway, I got two tickets and went with my girlfriend to see them (note: she seems to not be as fond of metal as I am).

When I arrived there, Opeth was already playing (and I thought that the opening act would be playing at the time I was there!). They were just in the first song and I was able to record most of the show.

Well, I said most because my girlfriend's camera uses a lot of space to record just a second of data: about 4Mbit/s. No kidding. The files it generates are simply huge. And no, they are not recorded in stereo. No, they are just MJPEG files with resolution of 320x240. The net effect of this is that the 2GB + 1GB SD cards that I carried with me were not enough for the entire show.

Speaking about the length of the show, I thought that it could last a bit longer: just 1.5 hours is too little for Opeth, especially given the fact that they have some quite long songs (say, "The Night and the Silent Water"). Well, some things had to be sacrificed: The last song played, "Deliverance", had to be shot with my girlfriend's cell phone, in a 3GP file. Well, better that than nothing.

The last surprise of the day was that I could meet some students of mine. Well, actually, they found me there, while I asked to take a picture of the setlist (they managed to grab the setlist right from a roadie's hands). Talk about luck.

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