These past days I have been crushing some bugs in Debian's sid.

Two things motivated me to get my acts together:

As can be seen from the list, there is quite a sizeable amount of work to be done---this is what one gets for adopting otherwise orphaned packages or packages that have moderately sized audiences. But, on the other hand, it is also pleasant to get the software moving (approximately) in the direction that I want.

I say approximately because the packages on which my packages depend may have some un-wanted dependencies, which, in turn, will still pull in some nasty amount of things that don't belong in a system tuned to have small footprint (especially important for netbooks, low-powered desktops, and embedded systems).

Oh, BTW, please note that time-based releases are not the same thing as time-based freezes, even though what I provided is a link for the time-based releases. The concepts are close, though.

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