There's something that needs to be documented somewhere, since it is not obvious when skimming the documentation and when one is using git-buildpackage:

  • Q: How does one specify a key to git-buildpackage that doesn't match the ones that it thinks that you should use? A: Just specify that you want it to use a "builder" different that the default one, like the option --git-builder="debuild -i\.git -I.git -krbrito".
  • Q: How does one tells that the source should always be included (say, like one of your collaborators already tagged a git repository with the debian revision and you need to make a change to upload it and commit another tag to the repository or, e.g., when a security upload should be made to A: The answer is almost the same. Use the option --git-builder="debuild -i\.git -I.git -sa".
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