I'm closing some bugs in many packages in Debian, including my preferred backup system, Mondo Rescue. The good thing about it is that it generates a backup that is a "mirror" (or should I say "snapshot"?) of your system and puts it on a CD (or DVD, or ISO image, or many other formats, actually).

I make backups almost every single day and I try to keep them small. Very small. The purpose is to have everything fit on a single 650MB CD, the reason being twofold:

  • There are more computers with a CD drive than with a DVD drive (or a Bluray drive, for that matter). To be honest, I have never ever seen a bluray drive.
  • It is easier to find 650MB CDs than 700MBs (well, that's changing fast). Also, making it smaller than a certain amount leaves room for Error Correcting Codes, like those created by the superb dvdisaster. With some overburning, I can even squeeze one or two megabytes more in the CD.
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