Init system

I am happy that Debian's Technical Committee was able to reach a very good decision with the choice of systemd as the default init system for the Linux ports.

In particular, I was very pleasantly surprised by the lucidity of Russ Allbery's analyses and, above all, his patience even with people that, in my understanding, were just being trolls or trying to cause confusion and disrupt a process that was already chaotic.

Russ, thank you for your exemplary role.

(Also, you type fast or what? You fill whole e-mails seemingly faster than I can read!)

Unexpected union of forces

It seems to me that Mark Shutterworth's decision of (perhaps?) embracing Debian's decision in the init system is a good thing.

I think that one way where Ubuntu did a great thing with respect to Debian was their initial attitude towards cherry-picking the best of breed of Free Software from Debian's archive and polishing that to create a really "for human beings" operating system. I hope that this means that, at least in part, money (Mark's?) can be channeled in the best of the interests so that we all gain from it.

(And, to be honest, I see no problem in making money with Free Software and I welcome a well done integration job).

More polarizing things

I feel that, now, I may even have some hope of sending another potentially polarizing bug to the Tech Ctte (that is ffmpeg vs. libav) and have faith that some rational decision would be made.

I was not even aware of it, but the ffmpeg folks even featured a news item in their page of me having filed the RFP bug mentioned above.

DebConf 14

If everything goes as expected, I hope to attend this year's DebConf. In fact, I am anticipating this, since I would love to, e.g., talk with Joey Hess and discuss a better way of having GNU parallel and the parallel program in moreutils have amicable co-installability among many, many other things with respect to my packages.

And, quite probably, work on packaging ffmpeg with other interested people (which seem to be numerous).

Edit: Fix markdown link pointing twice to the ffmpeg site. Thanks Marius Gedminas for pointing this out.

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