I was super sad to know that Paco de Lucia passed a few days ago. It was shocking to know that he was so young (only 66 year old, if I am not mistaken).

To share some of his fine work with his frequent collaborators John McLaughlin and Al Di Meola to people that may not otherwise know him or his work, I offered on a Facebook post to upload a bootleg of a show of the Guitar Trio (John McLaughlin, Paco De Lucia and Al Di Meola) with the entire performance (possibly out of order, as that is a bootleg, after all) ripped from a broadcast to Dutch TV station.

This performance includes the exceptional Paco de Lucia prominently and the show has many songs from the "Friday Night in San Francisco" record, including the magnificent (IMVHO) "Mediterranean Sundance".

The credits of the video are, of course, of the musicians.

I only ripped, deinterlaced (remember, analog TV—it was interlaced), denoised, encoded, and uploaded the video to youtube.

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