Let's suppose that you went to a show of your favourite some time ago and you were able to sneak in a camera (well, in those times, cell phones weren't able to record much more than 176x144 pixels at 12fps).

But, then, you suddenly found that some people uploaded (short) fragments of that very same show to youtube and, collecting those, you may be able to create a "multi-camera" version of the video that you can record to keep of your memorable concert.

The multi-camera, in the sense above, is not the same as multiple angles (like some DVDs), but something like a TV broadcast, where the stage is filmed by cameras positioned at some places and the image that is broadcast is switched from time to time according to that who is singing, or playing etc.

So, Dear Lazyweb, do we happen to have any Free Software (preferably already packaged in Debian) that is able to help with the task of "aligning" (in time) videos from various (different) sources so as to produce one multi-camera video?

What would my options be? I asked this on youtube for a person that did exactly what I want and their answer was Sony Vegas, which I fear that does not exactly would be allowed in Debian. :)

Any comments are welcome, thanks, and if I am successful, I will upload the final video. :)

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