I just bought my tickets today to NYC and I am glady to say that I am going to Debconf 10.

[caption id="attachment_55" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="I am going to DebConf10"]I am going to DebConf10[/caption]

The tickets have this information:

  • GRU->JFK: Departure: 2010-07-30, 21:25; Arrival: 2010-07-31, 6:10, Flight AA950
  • JFK->GRU: Departure: 2010-08-09, 21:40; Arrival: 2010-08-10, 8:35, Flight AA951

This represents a personal milestone for me, as I have many plans for the conference. In fact, this will be a trip of many "firsts" for me:

I am thankful for the DebConf team sponsoring both accomodation and food. It is highly appreciated.

See you in NYC! Any hints that you may happen to have are warmly welcome.

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