Due to some real life impediments (including a beautiful one with just over 2 months of life called Daniel), I will not be able to go to this year's DebConf, even though it seems that this DebConf will exceed many expectations with the support that the governement of Nicaragua just offered.

Things that I would like to have worked on

Unfortunately, this means that I will not be working with some fellows that may be there, like people from the pkg-multimedia team.

In particular, as I am working on some packages that are not that well suited to distributions (especially regarding HandBrake), it would be highly productive to have a hacking session or two with other people interested in having this popular and easy-to-use video ripper/transcoder on Debian.

I would also like to be able to talk in person with other people (including Joey Hess) about controversial packaging of some programs, like GNU Parallel, which I maintain in Debian.

There are many things else that I would love to work on, besides helping a bit with some of the still pending transitions of the the Debian Fonts Task Force umbrella, meeting friends and other social stuff.

Oh, well. I guess that working at home will be the solution for some time.

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