I posted the following on Google+, but it is important enough to be reproduced on Planet. I'm editing it a bit, as it is a followup to my previous post.

While improving the packaging of MongoDB, there was one thing that caught my attention: that Ubuntu had already done some of the embedded/convenience libraries work, but they had not pushed that work to Debian.

Of course, discovered this only after I started working on the improvements of the package.

What gives, Ubuntu people?

Another thing that I saw is that they have patches enabling mongodb working on armhf. Again, they did not push those to Debian.

Why this lack of cooperation?

Another thing that I saw is that they had packages for version 2.2 (more precisely, raring has 1:2.2.4-0ubuntu1), while Debian sid just had 2.0 until very recently.

Why not push this work and avoid duplication of work?

By being a good downstream, I intend to push some of the patches to MongoDB upstream (if they want it), so that we (Debian) have a smaller delta. This will benefit you Ubuntu guys. Why not join forces and help have a world-class set of packages?

Please, be good netizens and share the work that you have. I firmly believe that the armhf people will be happy to have one of the fancy "cloud" software available on ARM, especially since the prospects of having ARM machines on datacenters.

Oh, just for the record, the kFreeBSD people have sent their contribution and I would love to see (if possible) this running on the HURD.

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