Please, excuse me if you are a connoisseur of fonts and typography. You will find this boring, but other people may not know.

With that said, something that has been the subject of a joke for many years is the release of a set of fonts designed by a consortium of pulishers to create a typeface that would "match" the visual of Times, but that would have many (all?) of the glyphs needed by scientists.

Well, the wait is over (surprisingly). I didn't expect that. And the Free Software part of this is that the fonts were released under the SIL Open Font Library.

This, together with Google's new font directory of Free Software fonts (overshadowed by the release of VP8 codec, in the eyes of some), shows that the typographic arena is alive and going strong.

Edit: Thanks to Paul Turnbull from for spotting a link that went bad when Google moved their font directory.

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