I just added some very, very preliminary support for web in youtube-dl which I uploaded to unstable some minutes ago.

This way, at least people will have some material (in, fact, a chance) to play with this format. I implemented this because, so far, I was only hoping here that a player for this would emerge. I guess that Debian's ffmpeg/mplayer will take some time, but I was pleased to see that Sebastian Dröge to upload a version of something that could use the new libvpx codec.

I hope that, now, as a side effect of webm being widely available, more people become interested in Vorbis. More support (no, not "alternative", like Rockbox, but straight from the manufacturers) for it in hardware devices will be sweet. Well, I can dream. :-)

Well, it seems to be time to shape up that local build of mine of the aotuv tuned version of Vorbis with Aoyumi's patches for libvorbis.

Exciting times in the multimedia world.

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