Given that Chromium/Chrome is used more and more (as became apparent with the discussion of including it in Debian's squeeze), I decided to give it some tries, mainly Giuseppe Iuculano's version. I occasionally install Chromium from Fabien Tassin's daily builds.

And, to be honest, I have also contributed a good amount (about 400) of translated strings to the Brazilian Portuguese part of Chromium. As a matter of fact, I have even done some "activism" and incentivated other people to create their accounts on Launchpad and help with the projects.

But I always come back to Iceweasel/Firefox, especially with Mike Hommey's frequently updated repository.

What are my reasons for staying with Iceweasel, and not with Chromium?

  • I can disable full zoom in Iceweasel (i.e., I only want to zoom the text, not the images). According to Chromium's project BTS, it seems that this will be a WONTFIX bug, despite many people asking for it (and it having a lot of duplicates).
  • I can, in Iceweasel, set my preferred fonts without resorting to hacks on the system level, like say, having to lie with fontconfig or other stuff. And I really want Deja Vu Sans, not a serifed font.
  • In Iceweasel, a middle mouse click on "an inactive portion" of the page makes me go to the URL that is the system clipboard, just like pasting stuff in X, in general, works. I guess that there may be some way to enable this in Chromium, but, so far, I have not found it.
  • In Iceweasel, I have a way (without resorting to many extensions or hackish solutions) to use the equivalent of Firefox's "View > Page Style > No Style" (i.e., to ignore any CSS sheet that the document author may have specified on the page).
  • In Iceweasel, my personal data is encrypted before being synced.
  • In Iceweasel, I can press Ctrl+Q and make the damn browser quit, instead of me having to use the mouse/trackpad/pointing device. This is probably a lack of my understanding on how to associate key bindings to Chromium, but the problem still stands.
  • Similarly, when there is only one tab open, pressing Ctrl+W in Chromium does not close the tab (say, presenting me a blank tab or the list of most visited sites), nor it closes the application.

I would be satisfied if any of the above were fixed or better documented, but it seems that some of those are, at best, going to wait a long time.

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